culture, classes, clubs, camps and more for our young audience at chez kids academy

Chez Kids Academy is the children’s education center of the Alliance Française de Chicago, specially designed for young public and their interests. All classes are conducted in French by dedicated and experienced teachers willing to share their passion for French language and culture. Embark with us for a journey into “Francophonie”
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Why should your child learn French?

Research shows that children between the ages of 1–10 year, who learn a second language in addition to their native tongue, have a higher success rate in future academia. Children in this age range have more ability and success in learning a second language, than those who start later in life. Opening your children’s life to a second language will not only broaden understanding and acceptance of other cultures but also improve comprehension in English. French is one of the most popular and widely spoken European languages in the world, and the renowned Alliance Française is the best place to immerse your child in an enjoyable, rich and varied French cultural and language program.

French Classes

We aim to give your child a sound appreciation of the French culture as well as an opportunity to discover the language whilst gaining familiarity with basic knowledge, which ultimately will allow your child to communicate in French.
1-2 years old: Moms, Pops and Tots
2-4 years old: Moms, Pops and Youngsters
1-3 years old: Learn French through rhythm and songs
3-5 years old: Mornings in French 5 days a week structured pre-school activities
5-12 years old — NEW PROGRAM: Smart Steps To French (read below)
12-15 years old: Learn and Practice French

A leader in teaching French to adults, the Alliance Française applies the same expertise to children’s classes.

Leading Alliance Française chapters in the United States teamed up with French experts to design French curricula and activities specifically catered to the needs and interests of little — and not so little — ones.

Whereas most programs rely on repetitive workshops with limited material, the Alliance Française offers children the possibility of evolving through 3 levels (complete beginners to advanced) for each of 4 age groups. Unlimited options are yours to discover, so you can shape your child’s experience with the help of true specialists.

Striking balance between fun and serious, the extensive program offers rigorous academic objectives while entertaining children with games, activities, and what the Alliance Française is probably the most famous for… cultural immersion.

Saturday afternoons workshops and clubs

Saturday afternoons are a good time to relax, discover, learn and experience something new. Awaken your children’s curiosity and imagination, develop their critical thinking, and offer them a chance to meet peers sharing the same interest:

Chez Kids Academy proposes Ciné-Clubs for all ages, presenting different categories of movies, aged appropriate, in French with English subtitles, Storytelling ’s to feed your kids imagination, and Family Cooking Classes, a delicious and creative way to expose them to French culture and language. Parents are welcome for these family events!